Tip of the day: UnrealIRCd 6 uses GeoIP by default. It is shown in WHOIS but also available as country in mask items,

for example it can be used in the TLD Block to serve a Spanish MOTD to people in Spanish speaking countries.

Server protocol

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This is the place for all documentation regarding the UnrealIRCd server to server protocol. If you are looking for the client protocol then have a look at the guys at https://modern.ircdocs.horse/ and RFC1459.


If you are new to UnrealIRCd's server to server protocol then have a look at Server protocol:Introduction. The article is especially meant for people who want to write their own Services.

TIP: People also often use anope services in debug mode (bin/services -debug -nofork) on a test network to learn about server traffic.

List of all server protocol pages[edit]

SVS commands[edit]

Right now the 10+ SVS commands are not documented on the wiki. See HELPOP SVSCMDS on IRC to see their information.