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Server protocol:TKL command

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The TKL command is used to propagate network-wide bans, so-called *-lines. There are a few different types, some of which have multiple commonly used names:

  • (S)Q-line: Sets a nickname ban (when used in conjunction with U-lines, this will protect the nick from being taken by regular users)
  • G-line: Sets a user@host ban (wildcards for the user portion are supported)
  • (G)Z-line: Sets an IP-based ban
  • S-line/shun: Shuns a user@host mask (all of their messages will be discarded and they won't receive anything either)


TKL + Q nick set_by expire_timestamp set_at_timestamp :reason
TKL + G user host set_by expire_timestamp set_at_timestamp :reason
TKL + Z ip set_by expire_timestamp set_at_timestamp :reason
TKL + s user host set_by expire_timestamp set_at_timestamp :reason


TKL + Q OperServ services.domain.tld 0 1469538322 :Reserved for services
TKL + G myident ip-provider.org hub.domain.tld 86400 1469538322 :Annoying user
TKL + Z hub.domain.tld 0 1469538322 :Go away
TKL + s myident ip-provider.org hub.domain.tld 300 1469538322 :Annoying user

Parsing of this takes place in CMD_FUNC(cmd_tkl_add) in src/modules/tkl.c.