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UnrealIRCd 6.0.5 had the beginning of a JSON-RPC API. In UnrealIRCd 6.0.6(-git) this has been expanded a lot and you can now have a working and useful UnrealIRCd admin panel. The admin panel allows you to see lists and details of users and channels, manage server bans, spamfilters, etc., all from your browser. The JSON-RPC API can also be used by other programs, such as for statistics and other integrations.

This page is for admins to quickly get started with configuring JSON-RPC access (see Configuration below). If you are a developer or technical user, then there is also the JSON-RPC Technical documentation for information on API calls etc.


You need to load the required JSON-RPC modules. Simply put this in your unrealircd.conf:

include "rpc.modules.default.conf";

Then, open up a port (Listen block) and add at least one api user (Rpc-user block):

/* HTTPS on port 8000 for the JSON-RPC API */
listen {
        ip *;
        port 8000;
        options { rpc; }

/* API user */
rpc-user apiuser {
        match { ip 127.*; }
        password "password";

Current software[edit]

The following (external) software uses UnrealIRCd's JSON-RPC API:

Technical documentation and protocol[edit]

For developers and people who want to use the JSON-RPC API to interact with UnrealIRCd, see the JSON-RPC:Technical documentation.