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Services on IRC are a piece of software that usually provides NickServ and ChanServ bots. NickServ is used to register a nick name, so only you can use it. ChanServ is used to register a channel and will ensure that even if you leave or if a server is restarted, the channel is still owned by you and some settings are preserved (bans, topic, and so on). Services usually store all these settings in a database.

Most networks run services, and to make the best out of UnrealIRCd we also expect you to. That being said, it is perfectly possible to run a minimal network without services.

Supported services packages

The following services software is compatible with UnrealIRCd:

  • Anope: this is by far the most popular choice among UnrealIRCd users. It provides NickServ, ChanServ, OperServ, BotServ, etc. It is feature-packed and is extensible through modules. Works both on *NIX (Linux) and Windows.
  • Atheme - a possible alternative
  • DeepServices (Orion): Alternative services with LiveSQL-Support
  • More?

Information for service developers

Programmers who are developing services may be interested in reading our server to server protocol.