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Server protocol:UID command

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The UID command is used to introduce users on UnrealIRCd 4.0.0 and later. It makes use of the unique user id / server id system. If you just started with developing your services for UnrealIRCd, we suggest you use it.



UID nickname hopcount timestamp username hostname uid servicestamp umodes virthost cloakedhost ip :gecos


  • nickname: the nick name of the (new) user
  • hopcount: number of hops.
  • timestamp: timestamp when the user came online
  • username: username (ident)
  • hostname: real hostname
  • uid: unique user id (see below)
  • servicestamp: short metadata stamp of the user from Services. Just use * or 0 if none.
  • umodes: user modes of the user (see User modes).
  • virthost: virtual host (see Vhost block). This is * (asterisk) if no virtual host is set.
  • cloakedhost: cloaked host
  • ip: IP address of the user (base64 encoded version of the binary representation of the IP. The decoded version will thus be 32 bits for IPv4 and 128 bits for IPv6)
  • gecos: gecos or 'real name' of the user. This field that may contain spaces so always comes last.


UID James 1 1469538255 bond sis.gov.uk 00AAAAAAA 0 +ixw Clk-123A45B6.gov.uk * :Bond, James Bond