Vhost block

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The vhost block allows you to specify a login/password that can be used with the /VHOST command on IRC to obtain a fake hostname.

NOTE: Most people use Services instead, which often provide a HostServ bot or capability. This basically allows you to centrally manage vhosts.


vhost {
	vhost <vhost>;
	mask {
	login <login-name>;
	password <password> { <auth-type>; };
	swhois "<swhois info>";

The vhost::vhost parameter can be either a user@host or just a host that the user will receive upon successful /vhost. The vhost::mask block contains a user@host that the user must match to be eligible for the vhost. You may specify more than one hostmask. The vhost::login in the login name the user must enter and vhost::password is the password that must be entered. The vhost::password:: allows you to specify the type of authentication used by this item. See Authentication Types for a list of available types. Lastly vhost::swhois allows you to add an extra line to a users whois, exactly as it does in the Oper Block oper::swhois.


vhost {
	vhost my.own.personal.vhost.com;
	mask { *.isp.com; 192.168.*; 127.*; };
	login mynick;
	password mypassword;
	swhois "Im Special";