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Server protocol:NETINFO command

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The NETINFO command is used to share your configuration settings with other servers. This way some things can be verified, for example that the cloak keys match on both ends.


NETINFO maxglobal currenttime protocolversion cloakhash 0 0 0 :networkname


  • maxglobal: the maximum number of clients ever seen (global), used for statistics.
  • currenttime: current unix time stamp.
  • protocolversion: see Server protocol:Protocol version.
  • cloakhash: a hash of the cloak keys used to verify that both servers have the same set of cloak keys. Pretty much all services coders will use * here instead.
  • networkname: the network name, as set in set::network-name.


NETINFO 0 12345678 2400 * 0 0 0 :SomeNet