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The log block allows you to configure log files. You may have multiple log blocks.

If you have no log block at all then UnrealIRCd will use a default log block that only logs errors to ircd.log.


log "<filename>" {
        flags {
        maxsize <max-file-size>; /* OPTIONAL */


The filename specifies where to log to. Examples:

  • ircd.log: a literal filename
  • ircd.%Y-%m-%d.log: a filename with strftime formatting. This example will give you a new log file for every day such as: ircd.2020-01-31.log. This requires UnrealIRCd 5.0.9 or newer.
  • syslog: if you want to write to *NIX syslog.
  • /var/log/unrealircd/ircd.log: a full path (NOTE: be sure UnrealIRCd can write to the directory)


The log::flags specifies which types of information will be in this log.

  • errors: errors, but also lots of other information
  • flood: users triggering food limits (New in UnrealIRCd 5.2.0+)
  • kills: logs /kill notices
  • tkl: logs info on *lines (/kline, /zline, etc), shuns and spamfilters (adding/removing/expire)
  • connects: logs user connects/disconnects
  • server-connects: logs server connects/squits
  • oper: logs oper attempts (both failed and successful)
  • sadmin-commands: logs /sa* (samode, sajoin, sapart, etc.) usage
  • chg-commands: logs /chg* (chghost, chgname, chgident, etc.) usage
  • oper-override: logs operoverride usage
  • spamfilter: logs spamfilter matches

maxsize (Optional)[edit]

When the log file reaches a file size of maxsize the log file will be renamed to name-of-log-file.old (overwriting any previous such .old file). You can use K/M/G to specify kilobytes/megabytes/gigabytes.


log ircd.log {
        flags {
        maxsize 10M;

log users.log {
        flags {
        maxsize 10M;