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Snomasks are server notice masks. It's a special type of user mode that controls which server notices you will receive. Only IRCOps can set snomasks.

It can be set by: /MODE yournick +s SNOMASK, for example: /MODE yournick +s +cF. To remove certain snomasks, use something like: /MODE yournick +s -c, or to remove all snomasks use /MODE yournick -s.

The available snomasks are:

Snomask Module Description
b blacklist Messages from the DNS blacklist module
c built-in Local connects
D snomasks/dccreject Rejected DCC's due to Deny dcc blocks
F built-in Far connects (from other servers, except from U-lines like Services)
f built-in flood notices
k built-in kill notices
e built-in 'eyes' notices - a bit verbose (?)
j built-in Junk notices (noisy, possibly harmless things, mostly for debugging)
v built-in VHOST usage
G built-in GLINE and SHUN usage
n built-in Local nick changes
N built-in Remote nick change notices
q built-in Deny nick (QLINE) rejection notices
s built-in Receives server notices (includes the most important messages)
S built-in Spamfilter hits
o built-in Oper-up notices (/OPER usage)

You can control which snomasks IRCOps receive by default via set::snomask-on-oper, or in specific oper blocks via oper::snomask.