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Deny DCC block

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The deny dcc block allows you to specify a filename which will not be allowed to be sent via DCC over the server. This can be useful in helping stop distribution of trojans and viruses.


deny dcc {
	filename <file-to-block>;
	reason <reason-for-ban>;
	soft [yes|no];

The deny::filename parameter specifies a wildcard mask of the filename to reject sends of, and deny::reason specifies the reason why this file is blocked.

There's also a deny::soft option, if set to 'yes' the dcc is blocked unless the user explicitly allows it via /DCCALLOW +nickname-trying-to-send. See dccallow.conf for a good example configuration for dccallow.


deny dcc {
	filename virus.exe;
	reason "This is a GD Virus";
deny dcc {
	filename "*.exe";
	reason "Executable content";
	soft yes;