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Server protocol:SVSJOIN command

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The SVSJOIN/SVSPART commands are used by services to forcefully join or part a user to/from a channel.

Important: SVSJOIN and SAJOIN are different commands and you should not rely on SVSJOIN to force a user to join a channel: SVSJOIN will take into account any bans present on the channel before joining them.


:server SVSJOIN <target> <channels>


  • target: The nick or UID of the target user.
  • channels: The channel(s) (comma-delimited) where the user should be joined to (or indeed parted from)


Join the user Valware to channel #unreal-support

SVSJOIN Valware #unreal-support

Part Valware from #unreal-support

SVSPART Valware #unreal-support


One of the main purposes of this command is for services packages to be able to maintain a list of channels a user should be automatically joined to, taking into account bans and such.