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Server protocol:Server ID

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Server id's (SID's) are unique id's that identify a server. They start with a digit and are followed by 2 alphanumerical characters.

Server introductions[edit]

When a server is introduced and SIDs are enabled, the syntax is as follows:

:prefix SID servername hopcount sid :serverinfo

Example leaf introduction:

:00A SID leaf.domain.tld 2 00B :Mynetwork Leaf

Other examples of valid server IDs: 001, 0AA, 9ZZ, ..


You can (theoretically) use a SID anywhere a server name is used, like:

:server.name NOTICE #chan :Hello

Can become:

:001 NOTICE #chan :Hello

Older UnrealIRCd versions used server numerics which was a very similar feature but required base64 encoding/decoding. With SID's this is not necessary.

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