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Server protocol:MD command

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The server MD command is used to share meta data about objects. It can be used to attach data to client, channel or channel membership objects and the module API is extensively documented at Dev:Module Storage. Modules can opt for data to be synchronized with other servers (if the sync flag is set for the type). For instance, the 'certfp' module will synchronize the SSL Fingerprint of local users with other servers. Below we explain this server to server protocol syntax.

Syntax for synchronizing client data:

:<servername> MD client <nick|uid> <varname> <value>

Example of 'certfp' data:

:maintest.test.net MD client Syzop certfp :1234567890abcdef..etc.

Channel metadata:

:<servername> MD channel <channel> <varname> :<value>

Channel member metadata:

:<servername> MD member <channel> <nick> <varname> :<value>

Channel membership metadata:

:<servername> MD membership <nick> <channel> <varname> :<value>

For more information on the differences between these types, see the developer documentation mentioned at the beginning of this article.