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Server protocol:SQLINE command

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The SQLINE command is used to forbid/ban (usually for services to reserve their own nicks) nicknames and channels, supporting masks (Example of a mask: *Serv)

SQLINE still allows U-Lined servers to introduce the nick. This means that services can SQLINE their nicks and still use them, and others cannot. So if services were to go offline for a few minutes, it would not be possible to /NICK NickServ if there were an SQLINE matching NickServ

For server writers

Below is technical documentation for server/services coders:


:server SQLINE nick/mask :Reason

You can also UNSQLINE (remove the Q-Line)

:server UNSQLINE nick/mask


  • server: SID of the server where the command originated.
  • nick/channel/mask: A nick, channel or mask to ban/reserve.
  • Reason: The reason this has been forbidden from use by users.


:123 SQLINE *Bot* :Bots are not allowed

How to use

An SQLINE is otherwise known as a Q-Line so, when you are linking and syncing, this will be expressed to your server as a TKL of type 'Q', and likewise can be set by your server using the TKL command. (See Server protocol:TKL command)


The purpose of this command is for services packages to have and use the unified way of reserving their nicks and/or forbidding channels.

Module Coders

Module coders won't really need to worry about this U-Line command, and if you wish to reserve a username or channel, you should check out the functions the most up-to-date version of src/modules/tkl.c