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Instalando (Windows)

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Instalar o UnrealIRCd no Windows é fácil. Após a instalação, você terá que configurar o UnrealIRCd (e aprender a fazer isso). Mesmo que você seja completamente novo no UnrealIRCd, todas essas etapas para colocar o IRCd em funcionamento não devem levar mais de 30 minutos no total.

Baixar e instalar

Navegue até https://www.unrealircd.org/ e clique em Downloads. Escolha a sua versão, baixe o instalador e execute-o.

Os padrões normalmente são bons. UnrealIRCd irá ser instalado em C:\Arquivos de Programas(x86)\UnrealIRCd 4 por padrão

Creating a configuration file

  1. Your UnrealIRCd directory contains a number of folders. The conf folder is where your configuration file will go into, navigate into that folder now. The conf folder contains a subdirectory called examples which contains example.conf. Copy this file to your conf directory and rename it to unrealircd.conf.
  2. Open the conf\unrealircd.conf file with an editor such as notepad. Even better, use an editor which shows line numbers, like Notepad++.
  3. Read the Configuration file syntax article. It will only take a few minutes and will save you a lot of trouble in next step(s)!
  4. Walk through the unrealircd.conf block by block / line by line and edit the settings to suit your needs. This takes 10 - 20 minutes.
  5. Boot UnrealIRCd. Go to Start -> All Programs -> UnrealIRCd -> UnrealIRCd
  6. Errors? Edit your unrealircd.conf, fix them (see the FAQ for common problems), and try starting UnrealIRCd again.
  7. Up and running? Connect with an IRC client to your server and have fun. See next section too.

Further reading

  • See Features for various available features on UnrealIRCd and Configuration for all possible things you can configure on UnrealIRCd.
  • Again, see the FAQ if you have any problems. A lot of common problems are answered there.

Compiling from source

If you want to compile from source then see the Compiling UnrealIRCd on Windows page. Note that this is for advanced users and is not part of a normal installation.