Rehashing the IRCd

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After making changes to the configuration files or MOTD/RULES files you need to 'rehash' the IRCd. This tells the IRCd to re-read the configuration files and apply all the new settings.

There are a number of ways to do this:


If you are an IRCOp on the server then you can just execute the command /REHASH

If you are already connected to the server (and IRCOp) then this is by far the easiest method. You get to see any warnings or errors in the (new) configuration as well via server notices.

[15:31:28] *** Notice -- OperX is rehashing server config file
[15:31:28] *** Notice -- Loading IRCd configuration ..
[15:31:28] *** Notice -- Configuration loaded without any problems ..

On the shell (*NIX)

On non-Windows you can go to the directory you installed UnrealIRCd in, for example cd /home/irc/unrealircd and there you can execute ./unrealircd rehash.

Then check logs/ircd.log for any errors:

syzop@vulnscan:~/unrealircd$ ./unrealircd rehash
Rehashing UnrealIRCd

syzop@vulnscan:~/unrealircd$ tail logs/ircd.log
[Sun Jun 28 15:03:00 2015] - TIME SYNCH: IRCd clock succesfully synchronized to known good time source.
[Sun Jun 28 15:27:42 2015] - Loading IRCd configuration ..
[Sun Jun 28 15:27:42 2015] - Configuration loaded without any problems ..

On Windows

You can use the GUI, click on Rehash. Or right-click on the tray icon and select Rehash - All Files

If you run UnrealIRCd on Windows in Service mode then in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal3.4 directory you can run unreal rehash

Be sure to check logs/ircd.log or logs/service.log or service.log for errors after you rehashed.