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NOTE: Do not confuse this with the Blacklist block, which allows you to ban users based on DNSBL (DNS Blacklists)

With blacklist-module you can tell UnrealIRCd to never load a particular module. Any loadmodule lines for the module are ignored.

This can be used by advanced users to selectively disable modules that would otherwise be automatically loaded through conf/modules.default.conf. See under Example below for more information.

NOTE: This feature was first introduced in UnrealIRCd 4.0.19. It is not available in earlier versions.


blacklist-module <file-name-without-suffix>;

UnrealIRCd automatically adds the correct suffix (.DLL or .so) and will also automatically deal with modules/ vs src/modules/ directories.


/* Just load all of UnrealIRCd's functionality (all 150+ modules) */
include "modules.default.conf";

/* Now selectively disable /ADMIN (m_admin) and usermode +B (usermodes/bot) */
blacklist-module "m_admin";
blacklist-module "usermodes/bot";

Note that disabling certain basic modules can have undesired effects. Carefully read the comments in conf/modules.default.conf. As an example, it would not be wise to disable m_quit.

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