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Loadmodule directive

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With loadmodule you tell UnrealIRCd to load a particular module. See Modules for more information.

Normally you put include "modules.default.conf"; in your unrealircd.conf and only use loadmodule directly for loading 3rd party modules (if any).


loadmodule <file-name-without-suffix>;

UnrealIRCd automatically adds the correct suffix (.DLL or .so) and will also automatically deal with modules/ vs src/modules/ directories.


/* Just load all of UnrealIRCd's functionality (all 150+ modules) */
include "modules.default.conf";
/* If you want to load modules\m_something.dll */
loadmodule "m_something";
/* If you want to load modules/whatever.so */
loadmodule "whatever";

Note that for both examples UnrealIRCd will take care of any prefixing of the modules directory (modules/) and suffixing (.so or .dll).

/* If you want to load modules/third/something.so */
loadmodule "third/something";

Disabling modules

To disable certain functionality that is automatically loaded by modules.default.conf you could manually edit that file and comment the modules out (or delete the lines). However, these changes are overwritten on each upgrade!

A better option is to use the Blacklist-module directive which allows you to disable specific modules (any loadmodule lines for the module are ignored).