What is UnrealIRCd

UnrealIRCd is an Open Source IRC Server. Development of UnrealIRCd began in May of 1999. Over the years, many new and exciting features have been added to UnrealIRCd. Some of UnrealIRCd's most notable features include:

  • Channel Owners (+q) and Channel Admins (+a)
  • Channel Half-ops (+h)
  • Advanced anti-flood and anti-spam systems (such as Spamfilter and channel mode +f)
  • Advanced banning through 'extended bans'
  • Swear filtering (+G)
  • Channel linking (+L)
  • Hostname cloaking (+x)
  • Color blocking and stripping (+c/+S)
  • Vhosts
  • WebTV Support
  • DCCDeny
  • SSL encrypted client and server connections
  • Ziplinks
  • Advanced and highly configurable configuration file
  • Module support
  • Extensive documentation in several languages (in HTML and on IRC through /HELPOP)
  • And much more... see also the Features section in the official documentation

UnrealIRCd can run on many operating systems, including: Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows (XP and later).