Extended server bans

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NOTE: Not to be confused with channel bans, see Extended bans for that

Starting with UnrealIRCd 5.0.2, IRC Operators (administrators) can place "extended" server bans and "extended" server ban exemptions.

While classic server bans use the user@host format, extended server bans look like Extended bans, such as ~a:Account or ~S:1122334455... They match a user based on other user properties.

The following extended server ban types are available in UnrealIRCd:

Extban Module Explanation
a extbans/account If a user is logged in to services with this account name, then it will match.

For example /ELINE ~a:SomeAccount kG 0 Trusted account will bypass KLINE and GLINE server bans if the user uses SASL to login to the account SomeAccount.

r extbans/realname This ban will match if the realname (gecos) of a user matches the specified string. Since real names may contain spaces you can use a underscore to match a space (and underscore).

For example /KLINE ~r:*Stupid_bot_script* will ban any users that have the real name Stupid bot script.

S extbans/certfp When a user is using SSL/TLS with a client certificate then you can match the user by his/her certificate fingerprint (the one you see in /WHOIS).

For example: /ELINE ~S:1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef kGF 0 Trusted user with this certificate fingerprint will allow the user with this TLS certificate to bypass KLINE and GLINE server bans and spamfilter restrictions.