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Users matching a soft ban (also called: soft kline or soft gline) are only be allowed in if they authenticate with services.

Placing a soft ban[edit]

On IRC you prefix the KLINE or GLINE with a percent sign: /GLINE %*@192.168.* 0 Please authenticate. In spamfilter and in the configuration file several soft actions are available.

Effect on the user[edit]

Assuming you have the optional module authprompt loaded the user will see this:

[11:56:08] The server requires clients from this IP address to authenticate with a registered nickname and password.
[11:56:08] Please reconnect using SASL, or authenticate now by typing: /AUTH nick:password
[11:56:08] If you don't have a registered account then go to

The user can then configure SASL in their IRC client, or they can simply type /AUTH nickname:password

Only after successful authentication the user will be fully online. So before authentication the user cannot join channels, message users, etc.

More information[edit]

For more information on forcing authentication and conditional banning, see the Authentication article.