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Soft ban

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Users matching a soft ban (also called: soft kline or soft gline) are only allowed in when they authenticate with services.

Placing a soft ban

On IRC you prefix the KLINE or GLINE with a percent sign: /GLINE %*@192.168.* 0 Please authenticate. In spamfilter and in the configuration file several soft actions are available.

Effect on the user

Assuming you have the optional module authprompt loaded the user will see this:

[11:56:08] -server.test.net- The server requires clients from this IP address to authenticate with a registered nickname and password.
[11:56:08] -server.test.net- Please reconnect using SASL, or authenticate now by typing: /AUTH nick:password
[11:56:08] -server.test.net- If you don't have a registered account then go to https://example.org/

The user can then (re)configure SASL in their IRC client (which is the recommended method). They can also simply type /AUTH nickname:password

Only after successful authentication the user will be fully online. So before authentication their nick is not online, the user cannot join channels, message users, etc.

More information

For more information on forcing authentication and conditional banning, see the Authentication article.