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Below is a list of all possible "ban actions" that UnrealIRCd supports. It is used by spamfilter::action (and /SPAMFILTER on IRC), blacklist::action, set::nopost::ban-action, ban version::action, set::antirandom::ban-action, etc.

There are both "regular" actions and "soft" actions. The soft actions (eg: soft-kill) are not applied to users who are authenticated with Services (preferably with SASL).
NOTE: The "soft" actions are only available in UnrealIRCd 4.2.0 and later. If you run a mixed network with also older UnrealIRCd servers (that is: below 4.2.0) then you probably shouldn't use it.

Regular name Soft name Description
kill soft-kill Kills the user
tempshun soft-tempshun Shuns the current session of the user (after a reconnect the shun is gone)
shun soft-shun Puts a shun on the IP (currently this means: disallow all traffic)
kline soft-kline Puts a kline on the IP
gline soft-gline Puts a gline on the IP
zline Puts a zline on the IP
gzline Puts a gzline (global zline) on the IP
block soft-block Block the message (or action) only
dccblock soft-dccblock Mark the user so (s)he is unable to send files through DCC
viruschan soft-viruschan Part all channels, join set::spamfilter::virus-help-channel, disables all commands except PONG, ADMIN, and msg/notices to set::spamfilter::virus-help-channel
warn soft-warn Send a notice to IRCOps (spamfilter snomask), and inform the user that the message has been intercepted. No further action is taken, the message is not blocked.

Depending on the context, some actions won't make sense and therefore won't function. For example, the action viruschan may be unavailable for the nopost and blacklist modules because a client may be intercepted before (s)he actually came online as a user.