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Deny channel block

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The deny channel block allows you to disallow users from joining specific channels.

Normally, for managing channel access one would use bans (channel mode +b) and exempts (+e), along with Services and/or channel mode +P to remember the channel settings. Still, sometimes you want to block of a whole range of channels with wildcards, then you can use this deny channel { } feature.


deny channel {
	channel "<channel-mask>";
	reason <reason-for-ban>;
	redirect "<channel-name>"; // optional
        mask "<ip/hostmask>"; // optional
	warn [on|off]; // optional

There are two required items:

  • channel is a wildcard mask matching channels the users may not join
  • reason specifies the reason why the channel may not be joined.

Optionally, you may specify:

  • redirect: when the user tries to join, redirect them to the redirect channel.
  • mask makes this deny channel block only apply to specific users. It is a Mask item with lots of options.
  • warn: if set to on this generates a notice to ircops when a user tries to join (the default is off)


deny channel {
	channel "#unrealsucks";
	reason "No it doesn't!";

deny channel {
	channel "#*teen*sex*";
	reason "You == dead";
	warn on;

deny channel {
	channel "#operhelp";
	reason "Our network help channel is #help, not #operhelp";
	redirect "#help";


You can use the Allow channel block to make exceptions to the allow channel block.