Deny channel block

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The deny channel block allows you to disallow users from joining specific channels.


deny channel {
	channel "<channel-mask>";
	reason <reason-for-ban>;
	redirect "<channel-name>"; // optional
        mask "<ip/hostmask>"; // optional
	warn [on|off]; // optional

There are two required items: channel is a wildcard mask matching channels the users may not join and reason specifies the reason why the channel may not be joined.

Optionally, you may specify redirect. If this is specified, when a user tries to join a channel that matches deny::channel, he/she will be redirected to the redirect channel.
mask makes this deny channel block only apply to users matching the specified ip/hostmask (eg: 192.168.*).
Finally, there is warn which defaults to off. When set to on an opernotice will be generated (to the EYES snomask) if the user tries to join the denied channel.


deny channel {
	channel "#unrealsucks";
	reason "No it doesn't!";

deny channel {
	channel "#*teen*sex*";
	reason "You == dead";
	warn on;

deny channel {
	channel "#operhelp";
	reason "Our network help channel is #help, not #operhelp";
	redirect "#help";