Allow channel block

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The allow channel block allows you to specify specific channels that users may join. It is used to exempt channels that were banned through the Deny channel block.


allow channel {
	channel "<channel-mask>";
        mask "ip/hostmask"; // optional!

channel specifies the wildcard mask of the channels which may be joined.

The optional mask makes it possibly to apply this block only to certain users. It's rarely used since bans are a better method of handling channel access.


/* Deny joining all channels with 'help' in it */
deny channel {
        channel "#*help*";
        reason "We only have one official help channel. Please join #help instead.";

/* Allow #help */
allow channel {
	channel "#help";

/* Allow #lanhelp only to 192.168.* users */
allow channel {
	channel "#lanhelp";
        mask 192.168.*;