Upgrading from 4.x

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Upgrading from UnrealIRCd 4.x to UnrealIRCd 5.x is really easy if you have no 3rd party modules installed.

If you have more than 1 server and you will have some on 4.x and some on 5.x then be sure to read Running a mixed UnrealIRCd 4 and UnrealIRCd 5 network, in particular the important recommendations there.


If you use Services, then be sure to use the latest versions. In particular:

  • anope (version 2.0.7 or higher) - with the "unreal4" protocol module
  • atheme (version 7.2.9 or higher) - with the "unreal4" protocol module

File locations

On *NIX, all the file locations are pretty much the same. The only difference is that conf/ssl is now called conf/tls. A symlink will be created if you are upgrading an existing installation.

On Windows, it is important to note that UnrealIRCd is now 64-bit and installs to C:\Program Files\UnrealIRCd 5 instead of the old C:\Program Files (x86)\UnrealIRCd 4.

Installation / upgrading

The installation of UnrealIRCd 5 works exactly the same as installing UnrealIRCd 4. Just follow the installation procedure for *NIX or for Windows.

Configuration changes

Your UnrealIRCd 4.x configuration file will work fine on 5.x.

There are 2 major changes that will raise a warning only (the IRC server will start up fine, though):

  • The except tkl { } block is now called except ban { }. Solution: simply rename except tkl to except ban in your configuration files. See Except ban block#UnrealIRCd 5 if you want more information.
  • The setting set::oper-only-stats is removed, we now have set::allow-user-stats which does the inverse. Solution: simply delete your oper-only-stats line from the configuration, most likely you don't need it.

Third party modules

If you do have 3rd party modules then be advised that all modules for 4.x need to be updated for use with UnrealIRCd 5.x.

Many public 3rd party modules have been updated and converted for use with UnrealIRCd 5.x. With the help of the new Module manager you can install the modules with one simply command! See also https://modules.unrealircd.org/