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The UnrealIRCd wiki is meant for all documentation of UnrealIRCd 3.4.x and Development documentation. It is simply the place for all new docs.


All contributions to the documentation are licensed under "Creative Commons Attribution". For more details see

This is clearly mentioned in each Edit screen, and also at the bottom of the wiki page.

Getting a wiki account[edit]

You can request an UnrealIRCd wiki account by clicking "Request account" in the top-right corner. In the request form write a little information about yourself under Additional notes. Contrary to what the form says, you do not have to give us your telephone number or other information to confirm your identity. We don't need that information.

Translators are especially welcome (see also Translating UnrealIRCd wiki pages for in-depth details on that subject).


  • Ask permissions from Syzop before doing any major overhaul of an English page (like: rewrites of big sections or even a complete rewrite)
  • Creating new pages: before you do, check if the content you want to add doesn't fit in some existing page.
  • Duplicate content: try to avoid creating duplicate content. If something is documented elsewhere it's (often) better to link to it rather than to repeat it. Of course, the article should still be readable, so if you want to repeat one or two short phrases that's perfectly (plus add a reference) that is just fine. Use your own judgement.
  • Assume good faith from other editors: people usually have the best intentions when editing something, or we hope so anyway.
  • No spam / advertising
  • No vandalism
  • No edit wars
  • If an administrator asks you to do XYZ or to stop doing something, then please comply

Failure to follow these rules will result in your account being blocked or deleted. (This would be rare, unless you have ill intentions)


If you have questions or problems regarding the wiki then contact Syzop