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Translating UnrealIRCd wiki pages

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Below we explain how translation works of the UnrealIRCd documentation (this wiki).

The process

  1. All original pages are in English, let's call them "source pages".
  2. Each source page needs to be prepared for translation. This is done by adding <translation> .... </translation> tags. In principle, each registered user can do this, but we (Syzop, Heero) try to do it ourselves.
  3. The source page needs to be "marked for translation. This requires the "page translation administrator" privilege (Syzop, Heero)
  4. Registered users can now translate the page to any language. You can do 100% at once, or just one or a few sections. Others can continue where you left off, etc. etc. The translated version of the page is instantly available on the wiki (note: could be a delay of 1 minute ?)

Changes to existing translated pages

  1. The source page (English) is changed, this may be just one change or multiple changes during multiple days.. weeks..
  2. The page is re-marked for translation by a "page translation administrator". Only after this step the following happens
    1. At the top of the page the "green plus" (if the translation was 100% up to date) changes to a "red plus"
    2. At the top of the page you'll see a note saying that the page is xx% out of date and yy% is translated
    3. If new phrases were added to the source page then these new English phrases will now show up in the translated version. This is an attempt so even though the work is not translated yet, users get to see what they would (otherwise) miss.
  3. Any registered users can click the "translate" link/button. You'll see a "clock sign" next to each section that needs updating and you can see what the changes are. Simply update the translation.
  4. Once all updates are done, the "out of date" note is removed and you get a "green plus" again.

Some of the above steps may involve caching which means that it may take 1 or 2 minutes before the change is completely processed.

How to get a wiki account

In the top-right corner you can click "Request account". Account requests are manually processed, but don't hesitate to apply if you want to help translate.