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The module hideserver comes shipped with UnrealIRCd, but isn't loaded by default. Since v4.0.13 it's included in conf/modules.optional.conf, however. The module requires some configuration before it actually does something.


This block goes in the "main" section, so outside allow, class, set, spamfilter, etc.

hideserver {
        disable-map yes;
        disable-links yes;
        map-deny-message "*** Command /MAP is disabled for security reasons";
        links-deny-message "*** Command /LINKS is disabled for security reasons";
        hide {
  • disable-map: Disables /MAP usage for everyone except opers.
  • disable-links: Same as above but for /LINKS.
  • map-deny-message: If disable-map is set to yes, respond with this message if people try to use /MAP. If omitted, Unreal simply sends "End of /MAP".
  • links-deny-message: Same as above, but for /LINKS instead. Unreal sends "End of /LINKS list" if omitted.
  • hide: Specifies a list of servers to hide from both commands. There's not much point in using this if you already have disable-map/links set to yes. If set::options::flat-map is enabled, it will also still alter how people see the remaining, non-hidden servers. The server you run the command against always shows up in the output, since you're already connected to it anyways. ;]