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Two directories

In the article below we talk about two directories:

  • Source directory: this is where you compile UnrealIRCd from, and nothing more (Mostly *NIX only)
  • Installed directory: this is where you install UnrealIRCd

UnrealIRCd source directory

This is the directory containing src/, include/, extras/, autoconf/ and so on. It is only used for compiling UnrealIRCd and any 3rd party modules. After that, you normally leave the directory alone.

If you installed UnrealIRCd on Windows with the installer then you won't have this.

Change between UnrealIRCd 3.2.x and UnrealIRCd 4

On previous UnrealIRCd versions (3.2.x) the ircd was often running from this directory. This is no longer the case in UnrealIRCd 4! You should not put your configuration files and other data in this directory. Instead, see next.

Installed UnrealIRCd directory structure

By default UnrealIRCd gets installed to /home/xxxxx/unrealircd on *NIX and C:\Program Files\UnrealIRCd 5 on Windows.

  • /: the main directory. Contains all subdirectories (see below). On *NIX this also contains the unrealircd script to start/stop UnrealIRCd.
  • conf/: for configuration files
    • unrealircd.conf: the main configuration file
    • ircd.motd: Message Of The Day
    • ircd.smotd: Short Message Of The Day
    • oper.motd: OPERMOTD
    • bot.motd: BOTMOTD
    • aliases/: this directory contains all the aliases for services (eg: conf/aliases/anope.conf)
    • ssl/: this sub-directory is used to store SSL-specific files (eg: conf/ssl/*.pem)
      • server.cert.pem: the SSL certificate for this server
      • server.key.pem: the private SSL key (must be kept secret!)
      • curl-ca-bundle.crt: list of trusted issuers of SSL certificates (shipped by UnrealIRCd, normally left untouched)
  • modules/: this directory contains all the modules (*.so or *.dll files)
  • logs/: used to store log files
  • tmp/: temporary data
  • cache/: used to store cached remote includes (in case a the HTTP[S] server is down)
  • doc/: some documentation (almost all documentation is on https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/, though)
  • bin/: On *NIX the ircd binary is here, which normally is not accessed directly. On Windows, the EXE and DLL files are in this directory.