Deny link block

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This block allows you to use specific rules to deny a server from linking. It's slightly complex and typically only used on networks with 3 or more servers.


deny link {
	mask <server-name>;
	rule <crule-expression>;
	type <type-of-denial>;

The deny::mask specifies a wildcard mask of the server name to apply this rule to. The deny::rule directive is very complex. A crule expression allows you to control the link in great detail, and it is set up like a programming expression. Four operators are supported, connected(<servermask>), returns true if a server matching servermask is connected, directcon(<servermask>), returns true if the server matching servermask is directly connected to this server, via(<viamask>,<servermask>), returns true if a server matching servermask is connected by a server matching viamask, and directop(), which returns true if the operator issuing a /connect is directly connected to this server. These operators can be combined using && (and) and || (or), items may also be enclosed in parenthesis to allow grouping. In addition, an operator preceded with a ! checks if the operator returned false. If the entire expression evaluates to true, then the link is denied. The deny::type allows two different values, auto (only applies to autoconnects, /connect will still work), and all (applies to all connection attempts).