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If you want to make sure that UnrealIRCd starts on system startup (or restarts after a crash) then see below.

  • Run crontab -e to edit your crontab. It will fire up an editor.
  • Add the following two lines to the file (make sure there is an enter at the end):
*/5 * * * * /home/yourusername/unrealircd/unrealircd croncheck
@reboot /home/yourusername/unrealircd/unrealircd croncheck
  • Save it. Done!

The first line makes the unrealircd script check if UnrealIRcd is running every five minutes (hence the */5). The second line will ensure that UnrealIRCd is started as soon as possible after the system has rebooted (hence the @reboot). It's possible to do without the 2nd line but then it may take up to 5 minutes after a reboot for the IRCd to be started.

You can also add the following line at the top of your crontab to make sure you are e-mailed whenever UnrealIRCd is (re)started through cron: