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The require sasl block allows you to specify IP/hosts that need to use SASL for authentication during connecting. If they don't use SASL then the connection is rejected.

NOTE: This option was introduced in UnrealIRCd 4.0.19. It is not available on older versions


require sasl {
	mask <hostmask>;
	reason <reason-for-ban>;

The mask is a wildcard string of a user@host to ban and the reason is the reason for the requirement. The reason is shown when the user connects without SASL (is unauthenticated). Note that require sasl configures a local requirement, the user may still connect to other servers on the network.


require sasl {
	mask *@*.tld;
	reason "Please authenticate using SASL";

Similar functionality

The same can be achieved online (on IRC) by adding a "soft kline":

/KLINE %*@*.tld Please authenticate using SASL

The % prefix (percent symbol) will make it only ban non-SASL users.