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Online IRC Support (Rules)

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This page describes the IRC rules for #unreal-support on irc.unrealircd.org.

Most important:

  1. The channel language is English
  2. Always make sure you invested some time yourself in solving your problem. This means checking the following:
  3. What we support is UnrealIRCd, nothing else. We do not help with services or any other non-UnrealIRCd products, firewall, routers, etc.
  4. DO NOT JUST ASK IF YOU CAN GET HELP, instead, Say: “I need help, <the question here>“. We will take this as a sign that you read these rules.
  5. No pasting! If you need to paste multiple lines, use https://0bin.net/
  6. Please understand that the people who (might) help you in #unreal-support are volunteers. There is no obligation to help you, and we may not be available all the time.
  7. Do NOT message people without asking for permission first.

Other rules:

  1. Off-topic chat is fine, as long as it does not get in the way of support. You're generally free to voice your opinion on anything, even if it is on the extreme end, but.. see next.
  2. It is NOT ok to hate or hurt people on a personal level, such as on race, gender or sexual preference.
  3. Tampering with the IRCd source (changing version string, colored nicks, anything..) makes the software not our responsibility, hence we reserve the right to deny you support.
  4. Don't join other channels on the network in order to get help. It's not going to get you anything but a kick/ban. For support use #unreal-support only!
  5. We only support the latest UnrealIRCd versions.
  6. Use common sense. Don't flood, don't spam, no excessive ?? or !!. Do not highlight all ops. Show respect towards those helping you. Getting help is a privilege, NOT a right. Do not demand support!
  7. We do not support or help with spying on users (m_spy, +I, m_monitor, etc). Discussing such things WILL get you banned!
  8. Do not paste your whole conf and expect us to find and fix the errors for you. Unreal tells you exactly where in the conf the errors are. We are here to help you fix the errors, not to fix the errors for you.

Helping out:

  1. Feel free to stick around to help other people! #Unreal-Support is not for telling people to 'RTFM' or to 'Google it'. We are here to help, and not to give people a hard time.
  2. If you would like to be a supporter for UnrealIRCd, we promote people who are active on the channel and show a good ability to help with UnrealIRCd, network problems, and minor OS problems involved with running UnrealIRCd.