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You can download unrealircd-6.1.6.tar.gz here.

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Checking authenticity

After this file has completed downloading, it is strongly recommended that you verify the authenticity of this file after it has been downloaded. Doing so will help to make sure your download has not been tampered with.

You can verify using PGP (GPG), all release files are signed with our release key.

If this is the first time you verify an UnrealIRCd release, then import the public key by:

wget -O-|gpg --import

To verify the integrity via GPG you must:

  1. Download the checksum file for this file here.
  2. Run the following command:
    gpg --verify unrealircd-6.1.6.tar.gz.asc unrealircd-6.1.6.tar.gz

File Checksums

  • SHA256: fa8d27bea5bd97140199e468bef8b5ab73175460b9653c0baa3fe98e2b4b4543