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Data Fields
User Struct Reference

User information (persons, not servers), you use client->user to access these (see also Client). More...

#include <struct.h>

Data Fields

 Channels that the user is in (linked list)
 Channels has the user been invited to (linked list)
 DCCALLOW list (linked list)
char * away
 AWAY message, or NULL if not away.
char svid [SVIDLEN+1]
 Unique value assigned by services (SVID)
unsigned short joined
 Number of channels joined.
char username [USERLEN+1]
 Username, the user portion in nick!user. More...
char realhost [HOSTLEN+1]
 Realhost, the real host of the user (IP or hostname) - usually this is not shown to other users.
char cloakedhost [HOSTLEN+1]
 Cloaked host - generated by cloaking algorithm.
char * virthost
 Virtual host - when user has user mode +x this is the active host.
char * server
 Server name the user is on (?)
 Special "additional" WHOIS entries such as "a Network Administrator".
 Something for whowas :D :D.
int snomask
 Server Notice Mask (snomask) - only for IRCOps.
char * operlogin
 Which oper { } block was used to oper up, otherwise NULL - used by oper::maxlogins.
struct {
   time_t   nick_t
 For set::anti-flood::nick-flood: time.
   time_t   away_t
 For set::anti-flood::away-flood: time.
   time_t   knock_t
 For set::anti-flood::knock-flood: time.
   time_t   invite_t
 For set::anti-flood::invite-flood: time.
   unsigned char   nick_c
 For set::anti-flood::nick-flood: counter.
   unsigned char   away_c
 For set::anti-flood::away-flood: counter.
   unsigned char   knock_c
 For set::anti-flood::knock-flood: counter.
   unsigned char   invite_c
 For set::anti-flood::invite-flood: counter.
 Anti-flood counters.
time_t lastaway
 Last time the user went AWAY.

Detailed Description

User information (persons, not servers), you use client->user to access these (see also Client).

Field Documentation

◆ username

char User::username[USERLEN+1]

Username, the user portion in nick!user.

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