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Data Fields
Client Struct Reference

A client on this or a remote server - can be a user, server, unknown, etc. More...

#include <struct.h>

Data Fields

struct list_head client_node
 For global client list (client_list)
struct list_head lclient_node
 For local client list (lclient_list)
struct list_head special_node
 For special lists (server || unknown || oper)
 Additional information regarding locally connected clients.
 Additional information, if this client is a user.
 Additional information, if this is a server.
ClientStatus status
 Client status, one of CLIENT_STATUS_*.
struct list_head client_hash
 For name hash table (clientTable)
char name [HOSTLEN+1]
 Unique name of the client: nickname for users, hostname for servers.
time_t lastnick
 Timestamp on nick.
long flags
 Client flags (one or more of CLIENT_FLAG_*)
long umodes
 Client usermodes (if user)
 Direction from which this client originated. More...
unsigned char hopcount
 Number of servers to this, 0 means local client.
char ident [USERLEN+1]
 Ident of the user, if available. More...
char info [REALLEN+1]
 Additional client information text. More...
char id [IDLEN+1]
 Unique ID: SID or UID.
struct list_head id_hash
 For UID/SID hash table (idTable)
 Server on where this client is connected to (can be &me)
char * ip
 IP address of user or server (never NULL)
ModData moddata [MODDATA_MAX_CLIENT]
 Client attached module data, used by the ModData system.

Detailed Description

A client on this or a remote server - can be a user, server, unknown, etc.

Field Documentation

◆ direction

Client* Client::direction

Direction from which this client originated.

This always points to a directly connected server or &me. It is never NULL

◆ ident

char Client::ident[USERLEN+1]

Ident of the user, if available.

Otherwise set to "unknown".

◆ info

char Client::info[REALLEN+1]

Additional client information text.

For users this is gecos/realname

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