UnrealIRCd  Module API 5.0.9
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Data Fields
Channel Struct Reference

A channel on IRC. More...

#include <struct.h>

Data Fields

struct Channelnextch
 Next channel in linked list (channel)
struct Channelprevch
 Previous channel in linked list (channel)
struct Channelhnextch
 Next channel in hash table.
Mode mode
 Channel Mode set on this channel.
time_t creationtime
 When the channel was first created.
char * topic
 Channel TOPIC.
char * topic_nick
 Person (or server) who set the TOPIC.
time_t topic_time
 Time at which the topic was last set.
int users
 Number of users in the channel.
 List of channel members (users in the channel)
 List of outstanding /INVITE's from ops.
 List of bans (+b)
 List of ban exceptions (+e)
 List of invite exceptions (+I)
char * mode_lock
 Mode lock (MLOCK) applied to channel - usually by Services.
 Channel attached module data, used by the ModData system.
char chname [1]
 Channel name.

Detailed Description

A channel on IRC.

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