UnrealIRCd  Module API
Module API documentation - for developers / module coders only
Here is a list of all modules:
 Memory allocation and deallocationMemory allocation and deallocation functions and macros that should be used in UnrealIRCd
 Channel mode APIThis is the extended channel mode API
 Message tag APIThis is the message tags API (message-tags)
 Client statuses / typesThis specifies the current client status or the client type - see ClientStatus in particular
 Client flagsUsed for checking certain properties of clients, such as IsSecure() and IsULine()
 List functionsThese are the generic list functions that are used all around in UnrealIRCd
 Command APIThe command API - used by modules and the core
 Common structsThis shows the Client struct (any client), the User struct (a user), Server (a server) that are commonly accessed both in the core and by 3rd party coders
 Channel access flagsChannel flags (privileges) of users on a channel