UnrealIRCd  Module API
Module API documentation - for developers / module coders only
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file  api-channelmode.c
 The channel mode API used by modules.
file  api-command.c
 Command API - both for modules and the core.
file  api-messagetag.c
 Message tag API.
file  channel.c
 Various important (common) channel functions.
file  debug.c
 Some debugging functions that should probably be moved elsewhere.
file  misc.c
 Miscellaneous functions that don't fit in other files.
file  numeric.c
 Numeric replies in the IRC protocol.
file  parse.c
 Main line parsing functions - for incoming lines from clients.
file  scache.c
 String cache - only used for server names.
file  send.c
 The sending functions to users, channels, servers.
file  serv.c
 Server-related functions.
file  socket.c
 Socket functions such as reading, writing, connecting.
file  support.c
 Functions that don't always exist on every OS are provided here.
file  tls.c
 SSL/TLS functions.
file  user.c
 User-related functions.